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-발행일자 : 2009-03-16
-인쇄일자 : 2008-03-10
-발행부수 : 1,500부
-쪽      수 : 720
-판      형 : 4*6판(188*235)
-제      본 : 무선철(날개있음)

-인 쇄 소  : 표지-인성인쇄(031-932-6966)
                 본문 -영창인쇄(031-955-7959)
-제      책 : 일진제책(031-908-1407)

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Hazel thanks for your note. (LOVE The Sartorialist!!). All black is often the default colour because it's the easier to unify (imagine an ensemble full of slightly different shades of red), it's easy on the eyes, and the audience tends to focus more on the music than if the ensemble were wearing different colours. The problem with saying go for it, wear any colour is what one person considers stylish another will consider completely inappropriate. There there's the issue of colour clashing. And in classical music, there are known stereotypes about what kind of dress is associated with certain types of music. Opera performers (and audiences) tend to go all out with style and flamboyance; Baroque performers (and audiences) tend not to consider fashion a big deal and are very low-key with their apparel. Ultimately, no, I don't think ensembles should be able to wear any colour; then it looks like a rehearsal.

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Once I received a call offering me a decent sum to turn for a pianist for a chamber music concert. I was pleased to finally get paid for something I'd been doing pro bono for years. I got there early and met with the pianist. He seemed high-strung but some people are before a concert. I clarified repeat issues with him and he assured me he was a clear nodder.The concert began and I soon saw why he was so high-strung; his mediocre technique and limited musicality made him a bad choice to play the well-known Beethoven and Brahms trios he was tackling (almost literally, football player style). We got towards the end of the first page and he did not nod. I figured, Maybe he likes memorize the beginning of the next page and have late turns. Nope as we reached the last two beats he abruptly turned his heard toward me and, in a low, gruff voice barked, Turn! This disagreeable ritual was repeated for most of the performance. I thought it might have been less disruptive for him and the audience to nod as he said. No such luck. I made it through and didn't mess it up, but he really unnerved me and I dare say I was very deserving of my pay that evening.

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Thanks Alexandra. I can see myself getting a lot of use out of this sweater! Bonus points that it's handmade by Nanny and passed down in the family. xo

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